Structure and characteristics of air duct heater

Air duct heater structure
1. The air duct heater adopts stainless steel heating tube as heating body
2. Use carbon steel or stainless steel as support
3. Combined connection mode is adopted
Product features of air duct heater
1. The electric heating tube is made of corrugated stainless steel belt, which increases the heat dissipation area and greatly improves the heat exchange efficiency.
2. The heater design is reasonable, the wind resistance is small, the heating is uniform, and there is no high and low temperature dead angle.
3. Double protection, good quality and performance. The temperature controller and fuse are installed on the heater, which can be used to control the air temperature in the air duct and work under the condition of no wind, so as to ensure the safety.
Application of air duct heater products: heating air for drying / vulcanization of various substances, heat treatment, reheating and dehumidification and other similar applications.

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