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Danyang JiuXin electric appliances co., LTD., was founded in 2008 , is a professional production of electric heat pipe, electrical accessories, hardware appliances enterprises. Jiuxin is located in the Changlu industrial park of the PiCheng town,danyang city, only 30km away from changzhou benniu airport, with convenient traffic.
Jiuxin covers an area of 10,000 square meters and has ten years of production experience.It has 60 mature engineers, technicians and operators.At the same time has a strong product development capacity, the annual production capacity over 15 million yuan.


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    How to detect the heating tube is a good method. The heating tube is also used most in the equipment that needs heating. But when the heating tube fails to be heated, what should we do? How can we judge whether the heating tube is good or bad,
    Air duct heater structure
    1. The air duct heater adopts stainless steel heating tube as heating body
    2. Use carbon steel or stainless steel as support
    3. Combined connection mode is adopted
    Product features of air duct heater
    1. The electric heating tube is made of corrugated stainless steel belt, which increases the heat dis...
    Stainless steel plate electric heating device is made of metal hose. This kind of metal material armored cable electric heating material can heat gas, metal material abrasive and all kinds of liquid. The stainless steel plate electric heating tube is made by putting electric heating material into the metal hose and adding crystalline magnesia po...
    If the flange electric heating pipe turns black, don't worry. The flange electric heating pipe manufacturer will teach you the solution. Clean the surface of the electric heating pipe to eliminate the residue, so as to ensure the cleaning and tidiness of the surface of the heating pipe. Deoiling solution: the electric heating tube is infiltrated...